Pest Professionals Ant Killer Dual Action Kit


Dual action ant control kit – the ants take the toxic gels into the nest and add it to the larder, gradually knocking down numbers from the inside. The powder is used to target the workers that leave the nest in search of food.

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Bait stations containing a specially formulated gel to destroy both ants and their nests from the inside

Twin pack self contained 6g bait stations containing d-Phenothrin

For indoor use, 1-2 bait stations per room depnding on size and severity

Clean and easy to use

Oa2ki™ diatomaceous earth powder is a non-toxic & inert product for controlling crawling insects

Highly effective against red mite, bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas, and grain storage insects

Ideal for use in poultry sheds against red mite & on mattresses & bedding against bed bugs

Diatoms in the powder act like microscopic razor blades and dessicate the insects’ exoskeleton

Natural, safe, odourless, does not stain completely pesticide free.

Ant Gel Bait Stations:

For amateur use as an insecticide only against ants indoors in domestic premises.

Remove the bait station from the box and place down on a flat surface where ants have been seen.

Activate the unit by pressing down firmly on the top section of the baits station. The bait station is now ready to use

Application rate: Place 1-2 bait stations per room depending upon size, layout and severity of the infestation.

Place each bait staion on an ant run where worker ants foarge so tha the bait can be collected and taken back to the nest to kill the queen.

Do not use where food or potable water could become contaminated, keep away from children

OA2Ki DE (diatomaceous earth powder)

For the control of ants, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, stored product insects, mites, booklice and silverfish

Apply dust as required to areas that insects live or frequent.

Apply only to dry secure areas and cracks and crevices where insects could harbour

Product can also be applied directly to dogs and cats and their bedding to control fleas (seek veterinary advice first)

To treat dogs and cats apply 1-2 grams, depending on the animal size.

Product can be added to bird cages of pet birds as a bird bath.


Active ingredient d-phenothrin 0.093% w/w (0.93g/kg)

Contains two self-contained pre-filled 6g bait points

Each bait station contains a specially formulated gel to destroy both the ants and their nests.

Worker ants are attracted to the gel bait and carry it as food back to the nest killing the queen and the colony.

Oa2ki is a crawling insect control product produced from fossilised diatoms. Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. It is used as a mechanical insecticide in areas where pesticides cannot be used i.e. where animals / livestock are present.

The powder causes loss of moisture by dessication of the insects cuticle and subsequent death. Oa2ki is extremely popular with poultry keepers for the control of red mite, it can also be applied directly to mattresses, bedding and soft furnishings for the control of bed bugs.

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