Earthcare Odour Removal Rag


Earthcare odour remover bags contain a blend of natural minerals used in a proprietary process to attract and remove all types of odour and smoke molecules that lasts three months.

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Absorbs odours like a sponge
In 24 hours odour is gone
Lasts 3 months in use (indefinitely in original packaging)
Pet and child safe
Eliminates dead animal odour (carcass removal not necessary)

It is ideal for removing dead rodent odours, dead fox odours, dead squirrel odours, pet smells, even if the carcass can not be removed from hard to reach areas.

Earthcare odour removal bag can take from one hour to several days to work, but it is very effective since it removes odours versus masking them. It is simple to use and cost effective

Contains Silicon Oxide, Aluminium Oxide, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium

General Usage:

Remove clear shrink-wrap from BAG
Place BAG in area that odour is strongest
Best performance: Limit coverage of one BAG to a single room up to 100 square feet (9.3 square metres)
Odours usually are absorbed within 1-24 hours
BAG lasts an average 3-4 months

How To Eliminate Dead Animal and Related Urine/Feces Odours

To remove odours from dead animals, their remains or their urine or feces take the following steps:

Note: it is not necessary to remove a dead carcass to remove the odour. More bags = better / faster odour removal.

Place bag in room if dead animal is in wall void
If dead animal is in attic or crawl space place 1 bag in that area as well
BAG will outlast odour from carcass and handle any urine or feces odours that may exist from any previously infested areas.

How To Eliminate Bin / Dumpster Room Odours

Hang two bags for every dumpster in dumpster

Where to use Earthcare Odour Removal Bags

Rodent infestations
Animal housing
Smoke affected areas
Bin stores
Veterinary clinics

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