Insectaclear Strong Fabric Friendly Ready-to-Spray Insecticide: 5L


Insectaclear Strong Insect Killer is a powerful, ready to use FABRIC FRIENDLY insecticide which has now been cleared for amateur use.

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Insectaclear Strong utilises the active ingredients Imiprothrin and Cyphenothrin, two proven actives that have been used in the pest control industry long term.

Cyphenothrin is a synthetic pyrethroid that has proven to be extremely effective against cockroaches that have built up a defence to carbonate and organophosphorus poisons used by professional pest controllers.

It’s also highly-effective against external parasites like ticks, flies, fleas, lice, mites and ants. Imiprothrin is also a synthetic pyrethroid and has a very low acute toxicity to humans but to insects its lethal acting as a neurotoxin and ultimately paralysis.

The two together create an potent insecticide to combat insect infestations where other insecticides struggle and is licensed for effectiveness against bed bugs, fleas, house flies, mosquitos, ticks and moths and cleared for use in hotels, kitchens, food processing plants, food shops, hospitals, restaurants, public buildings, trains, trucks, boats and is cleared for use on carpets, bedding and mattresses.

Domestic Premises

Size: 5L ready to use

You might want a sprayer for the 5L see

FABRIC FRIENDLY – where you need to spray fabrics use Insectaclear Strong not Insectaclear C

NB It is prohibited to send insecticides and rodenticides by Royal Mail – courier delivery is a legal requirement and courier postal charges apply.

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