Black Stripe Stored Product Moth Funnel Pot Trap by Trappit (lure not included)


There are two kinds of moths – textile moths which feed on natural fibres, and what are known as ‘stored product’ (SP) moths which feed on foodstuffs. This trap, as used by professionals, targets the latter

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This the most commonly used trap in stored product moth monitoring. The black stripes down the side are not an accident – they visually attrac of moth species Plodia Interpunctella (Indian Meal Moth, common in the UK) and Ephestia spp.

The trap hols a lure, sold separately (see below), which attracts the male moths, stopping further breeding. Can be used to get on top of infestations or for long term or even permanent monitoring which might be needed where food is stored and prepared.

Smooth exterior side walls and entrance ensure maximum catch rate

A separate glue insert for the funnel trap can also be purchased to retain the catch

The pheromone dispensers are packed in vapour-proof sealed sachets and have a field activity duration of 6 weeks or 12 weeks

The septa or vial lure is inserted in to the red plastic lure holder and fitted to the top of the funnel trap

The Funnel Trap is a permanent trap intended to cover a large area and as well as being useful to homes and busineses, is commonly used by professional pest controllers as part of an integrated pest management approach.

It is the most commonly used trap in ‘SP moth’ monitoring.

The funnel trap is uniquely designed with smooth sides. There is no lip or join that could prevent moths that land on the outside wall of the trap from walking up and into the trap, thus ensuring the maximum number of moths are caught

Pest: Stored Product Moth

Species: Ephestia spp (general European stored product moths), Plodia Interpunctella (Indian Meal Moth)

Requires the addition of species specific lures and glue board pot liner, both sold separately, see related products

This is a genus of small moths belonging to the family Pyralidae. Some species are significant pests of dry plant produce, such as seeds and cereals. Best known among these are probably the cacao moth (E. elutella) and the Mediterranean flour moth (E. kuehniella).

Plodia interpunctella
The Indianmeal moth, Plodia interpunctella is a very common household pest, feeding principally on stored food products. In fact, it has been called the most important pest of stored products commonly found in our homes or grocery stores. The larvae are general feeders and can be found in grain products, seeds, dried fruit, dog food, and spices.