Mouse Eradication Snaptrap and Baitbox Kit – Pasta Sachet Package


Snaptrap based kit also containing bait boxes and rodenticide to give you all the tools you need to get on top of a mouse infestation in and around your home including snap traps, snap trap bait, brodifacoum pasta sachets x 10, instructions and protective gloves

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Kit includes everything you need to eradicate a domestic mouse infestation
Dual action kits that included mouse killing brodifacoum poison AND lethal breakback snaplock mouse trap
10 pack plus poison, snap traps and trap bait
10 x RentoKil Mouse and Rat Pasta Bait Sachets: 150g. Contains: 0.0025% w/w brodifacoum and 0.001% w/w denatonium benzoate. Nominal sachet weight 10g.
5 x tamper and water-resistant mouse bait station with secure lock system
1 x The Big Cheese Trap Bait (15g)
10 x pairs Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves
This kit is suitable for indoor and outdoor use around the home although grain is more suited to indoor use
Safe for use around children and pets due to lockable bait point
Our standard 2-3 day delivery service is unavailable for this kit*

When any rodenticide is used, all label instructions must be read and precisely followed.


As a distributor of many forms of professional and amateur use rodenticide we actively support and promote the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use to its customer base. For further details on CRRU visit

We ask that ALL of our customers, whether you are an amateur user or professional user to follow the CRRU Code at ALL times


To conduct a responsible and effective rodent control programme, users should adhere to the following statutory conditions and guidance.


Before placing the bait, carry out a site survey to establish the type (i.e. rodent species), and extent of infestation. Check any possible rodents’ points of access, burrows, hiding places and where practical, restrict rodents access to other sources of water and food; identify the most suitable places for placing the bait from the assessment of fresh droppings, inside or near burrows, rodent runways and feeding places.

To minimise the use of rodenticide baits, in particular for rodents’ treatments in sensitive areas (e.g. food industries, grain storage facilities and animal rearing), the use of non-toxic baits should be considered for monitoring rodent activity. If the presence of rodents has been confirmed, consider the use of Romax Muskil rodenticide under the control of a risk assessment.


With the help of gloves, place the baits in the bait stations paying attention to clearly indicate its content and purpose. Always make sure that baits are adequately protected from children and non-target animals, such as pets and birds.


Pasta Bait Kits

Mice- low infestation: 1 bait sachet in a bait station every 5 metres

Mice – high infestation: 1 bait sachet in a bait station every 2 metres

Rats – low infestation: 2-3 bait sachets in a bait station every 10 metres

Rats – high infestation: 2-3 bait sachets in a bait station every 5 metres


Make regular inspections of the bait points (recommended every 2 or 3 days) and replace any bait that has been eaten by rodents, damaged by water or contaminated by dirt.


Treatment period can be considered concluded when baits remain uneaten. Search for, collect and dispose of the remains of bait and any remaining rodent bodies and dispose them safely complying with legislation regarding the correct disposal of waste.

*Our Standard 2-3 Day Delivery service uses Royal Mail to transport parcels in the UK. It is illegal to send rodenticides and/or pesticides using Royal Mail. To comply with national and international regulations governing the carriage of mail and ensure that mail in transport does not present a danger to the general public, we restrict or prohibit certain items from entering the Royal Mail network. Your order will automatically default to our Express Delivery Next Working Day service and will be dispatched with a parcel courier.

NB It is prohibited to send insecticides and rodenticides by Royal Mail – courier delivery is a legal requirement and courier postal charges apply.

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