Bird Spiking Surface Activator 500ml – For Improved Adhesion


This product primes and activates the surface you are spiking and improves the adhesion bond.

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When applying bird spikes with the most common method of using clear drying silicone adhesive, the most important thing of all is that the adhesive works.

Often in areas where you are spiking there will already be a build-up of fouling, which is why the are is being spiked in the first place. When cleaning down fouling you should always wear cut and breathing protection. Pigeon fouling is a vector for some really nasty pathogens and bacteria which can make humans very ill indeed if accidentally ingested, if breathed in dry or if it gets into cuts. See . See our PPE section.

The fouling is also high in uric acid and (as you will know all too well if you’ve had it on your car) very corrosive. There will be staining.

In order to get a really good, secure hold between the base of the spikes and the area being protected, the surface must be clean. It’s a very good idea to use a surface activitor for this purpose.

All you need to do once any fouling and dirt and grease is scraped and brushed and wiped away is to apply the surface activator with a clean paper towel or tissue.

This product effectively ‘activates’ non-porous surfaces like plastics, metal and other synthetic coatings like paint to make for improved adhesion. It’s a product the professionals use all the time for this kind of work.

Note that spiking work requires dry weather, and a risk assessment should always be done before taking this kind of work on taking into account height, access and other factors like the weather. If you would prefer help from a professional team, email .


Cleaner, degreaser and primer
Comes in a 500ml ‘flask’ which should last ages
Allow five minutes drying time before applying the spikes with a silicone adhesive
Activates non-porous surfaces and improves the bond between the adhesive and surface and base of spikes
East to apply once surface is scraped down of fouling – just use a clean paper towel or tissue

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