Ultrabait VR Steel Rat Bait Station – RECOMMENDED


Vandal and tamper proof steel rat bait stations as used by professionals – best seller and recommended by Pest Professionals

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Strongest and most secure lockable bait station available
Amazing build quality, strong pressed steel construction can withstand vehicle impacts
Ideal for use in commercial & industrial environments or where there is a risk of vandalism
Bait stations lock with a common key, supplied seperately
Ground anchors and wall plates also sold seperately to prevent unwanted removal
Accepts Victor, Romax and Trapper T-Rex snap traps
Keys Sold Seperately
Dimensions: 300mm X 200mm X 120mm
Deep-drawn powder coated and zinc plated steel casing
Shock and tamper resistant lock with high tensile spring steel lock blade
Easy access top key entry
No box can be opened and serviced faster than an Ultrabait
No need to touch anything but the key to inspect
One key fits all
Polypropylene bait tray is full height to lid to keep bait in the tray
Takes loose or block bait
Fitted with 2 bait spikes inserted vertically to secure bait blocks
Hinged casing (no fiddly lift off panels)
Raised warm feel plastic trays are welcoming to rodents

See fixing instructions download for detailed information.

Place one bait station every 5 – 10 linear metres. Ultrabait VR is a heavy-duty bait station for use in environments where the station may be subject to impacts, attempted theft or vandalism.

For outdoor use, place an ultrabait VR unit where there are signs of rodent activity i.e. droppings, holes etc.

Ideally place along a known “rat runs” such as against walls or fence lines or hedgerows to increase efficacy.

If placing an ultrabait VR unit on open ground use optional ground anchor to secure the ultrabiat VR unit in place by removing the moulded inner tray, drive the anchor into the ground, having removed securing bolt first, to prevent thread damage, place a block of wood between the anchor and the hammer. Then place open bait station over anchor such that the hole in the base lines up with the threaded hole in the top of the anchor. Finally secure station to anchor using the bolt provided and replace moulded tray.

If you are placing an ultrabait VR unit on a masonry or metalled roadway surface then remove moulded inner tray and fix to roadway using plugs and screws through the pre-manufactured holes in the base of the chassis, then replace moulded interior.

If placing against a wall or fence use an optional wall plate to secure the ultrabait VR unit to the structure. There are two types of wall plate. Light duty to prevent accidental spillage or upset and heavy duty if there is a chance of theft or vandalism.

The ultrabait VR unit comes with two secure internal baiting rods that will accept all types of all weather bait blocks and a moulded bait tray for using grain or sachet bait. Once baited in accordance with the bait manufacturer’s instructions lock the bait station and monitor at 1-week intervals, topping-up if required.

Leave the ultrabait VR unit fully baited in place for at least 30 days after the last sign of “bait take” was seen to ensure infestation has been eradicated. Always wear gloves when handling rodenticide or removing dead rodents.

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