Romax Fluorescent Tracking Dust – 250g Tub


Tracking dust is used in conjunction with an ultraviolet torch to work out where rats and mice are coming from

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Saturn Yellow Tracking Dust for use only as a rodent detection agent. A product for use in rodent detection and movement in cases where the pattern of activity needs to be monitored. Read directions before use.

Fluorescent tracking dust is used in rodent detection and movement
Helps detect the presence of rodents and where best to place poison and / or traps
Identifies rat-runs to assist in rodent proofing can also be used in bait stations
Dust fluoresces / glows under ultraviolet light
Available in two sizes 250g and 1Kg
Use in conjunction with RI013 Ultraviolet Tracking Torch

An ideal product to be used on long-term rodent prevention programs instead of rodenticide to comply with the new “35 day rule” banning permanent baiting of bait stations.

A very small amount of powder can be placed around the suspect area (using a mini duster or similar) and can then be left overnight. The following day movement can be easily seen under black light.

Alternatively small amounts of dust can be placed in bait stations to help detect whether rodents are visiting them or not.

Caution: This product is only recommended for use in areas where the residue can be easily cleaned, and care should be taken in domestic situations.

In most cases the footprints left can be seen easily. The use of an ultraviolet torch or other UV light source can greatly increase the amount of movement that can be seen.

In most cases the residue can be removed by washing the area with a gentle cleaning agent.

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