PX Ornikill Avian Disinfectant For Bird Fouling Clearance – 1 Litre Concentrate (Makes 50L Diluted)


Specially formulated disinfectant for safely clearing bird faeces and neutralising the pathogens associated with guano clean-ups to prevent them from becoming airborne

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A specially formulated ornithological disinfectant for use in guano clearance, pest control and poultry care.

Dilute with water 1:50 and use it to spray over the bird droppings / carcasses to dampen it and avoid spores becoming airbourne. Effective at neutralising the many zoonoses, bacteria and organisms that are found in bird droppings and which can be harmful to humans.

Supplied in 1 litre and 5 litre concentrate bottles.

Dilutes 1:50 in tap water. 1L makes 50L

Contains Chlorhexidine (3% w/w) and QAC (7.5% w/w)

Biodegradable, and will denature upon contact with organic matter, and the target organism.

As a biocide on surfaces and during clean-downs

Use a 1:50 dilution of the product in clean water and mop, wipe, brush or spray over the surfaces using a 5 litre pneumatic (pump action) sprayer fitted with a flat fan nozzle. It can also be used regularly as part of a good houskeeping programme in poultry houses and chicken coups.

Removing Bird Droppings

Use a 1:50 dilution of the product in clean water and spray over the droppings prior to the commencement of clean-up operations. During the digging-out operation spray the solution on to each fresh layer of droppings as it is exposed to keep neutralising the pathogens as they are exposed. Fouling must be disposed of in line with legislation.

Supplied in 1 litre and 5 litre concentrate bottles. This is the price for the 1L option (front of picture)

PLEASE NOTE: Pigeon fouling is a vector for many bacteria and pathogens that can make humans very ill indeed if accidentally ingested, if breathed in dry or if it gets into cuts – see https://britishbirdcontrol.co.uk/pigeon-guano-and-disease/ . As such PPE including breathing, eye and cut protection should always be worn during any fouling clean-down.

If you need professional help with a bird fouling clean-down, contact us on 0800 275 1000

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